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Why Silica

Advantage of using Silica Cement Admixture:


How does it improve concrete properties?


Water proofing in Structural work:

It is a water proof material used in structures that creates a water proof effect in concrete. Therefore, after the concrete is poured, additional water proofing can be omitted and jobs an be completed faster.


Prevents Efflorescence:

Through Pozzloanic action the hydroxide lime that causes efflorescence will be contained inside the concrete. Silica Cement Admixture is effective in preventing efflorescence.


Self-healing effect of hair crack:

Silica Cement Admixture prevents concrete from being neutralized and greatly improves the durability of the building because if water leakage from the second abs third cracks should happen .The concrete will detect it automatically, the Pozzloanic action will continue indefinitely and the cracks will close themselves.


Improvement of Durability:

Silica Cement Admixture protects the concrete structure from acid, salt and other harmful chemicals and improves durability.


Enhancement of Strength:

Highly fineness of Silica Cement Admixture helps to fill up the entire part of segregation that seen in the concrete enables to enhance the strength.


Bleeding Prevention:

By active pozzolanic reaction in the early stage, the concrete substances get bound tight absorbing excess water and reduces bleeding.