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Silica Cement Admixture is better to use on major Structures like headwork, Spillway, four-way decender and tailrace area of the Power house.

Mr. Chudamani Niraula

Ex Project Manager Lower Modi Hydropower

Silica Cement Admixture has to be use on the hydropower structure mainly because it is best for the durability of the concrete as well as for the highest abrasion resistance capability.  

Vishwo Man Amatya

Consultant, We-link Consultancy

Silica Cement Admixture is an essential product for hydropower, we are very happy of its outcome especially on the strength of the concrete.

Umesh Kasaju

Executive Director Shiva Shree Hydropower ltd (Upper Chaku 22 MW)

Silica Cement Admixture is essential to use for the durability of the concrete structures. At the initial stage you may find it costly but in compare of its performance I highly recommend to use in the critical parts of the structures.

Prakirana Tuladhar

Architect Building Department

When I first hear about Silica Cement Admixture, I thought it is a type of a cement with few more advantages then other ordinary it’s clear it’s a cement admixture with variety of engineering properties to support cement to be CEMENT.

"Looking through the eyes of an engineer when I see Silica Cement Admixture or any other product, I need to know about its engineering properties, advantages, disadvantages before I use that product. I was shocked to read, learn and then use Silica Cement Admixture; it was perfect. Silica Cement Admixture doesnot have any harmful effect or any negative points. it's a pure organic product straight from quarry to our construction site. Test result was unbelievable: strength of concrete goes on increasing up till 90 days: evaluating those advantages and engineering properties I started using this product and I strongly recommend to all engineers, architect, designers, private home owners.

Er. Surendra Khanal

Er. Surendra Khanal

Lower Balephi Hydroelectric Project