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Water Permeability Test

Water Permeability Result :

Ordinary Portland Cement and Silica Cement Admixture was taken. 4 specimen was made with 3 samples in each group. 1st 3 samples was made only with OPC. 2nd 3 sapmles was made with 5% silica cement admixture. 3rd 3 samples was made with 10% silica cement admixture. 4th 3 samples was made with 20% silica cement admixture. Weight of all specimen was recored. All the samples were dipped in water and then the weight of each sample was taken. The highest value of water penetration was considered as 1, then the other water penetration value was calucuted.

From the table we can clearly see that less water penetration on specimen with 20% silica cement admixture and respectively high water penetration on the specimen without silica cement admixture . Which shows silica cement admixture acts as a water proofing material. We can get water proofing from 5% to higher use of silica cement admixture.