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Silica is a Cement Admixture powder made from Natural volcanic ore. It is a natural amorphous mineral and processed in a well controlled factory, its quality and grain size is very homogeneous. Silica is the best Cement Admixture for exposed concrete constructions with its performance to protect the concrete from scaling. It is also recommended for painted concrete since it keeps the original color of the concrete for years and prevents the painted concrete from partial discoloration. Silica protects concrete against deterioration and alkali-aggregate reaction by pozzolanic reaction. Concrete with Silica (Above 85% and more SIO2) gets stronger in years through its pozzolanic reaction. The concrete can maintain its original condition permanently. Japan is a country with frequent strong earthquakes and concrete strength is one of the most important factors for designing and constructing high-rise buildings. By using Silica concrete strength can mark 100N which is the standard concrete strength for up to 60 floors buildings in Japan. Silica Cement Admixture is used for water proof effects in Japan but the main purpose of using Silica is to give better cement performance in total. Concrete deteriorates with age, it is very difficult to keep its smoothness and beauty but you can make it with using Silica as well as ensures maximum beauty of the concrete constructions. It is a very unique and revolutionary feature of Silica that the concrete constructions with its use become whiter in appearance in later years.

The heat of hydration caused by the reaction of cement and water has significant influence on the concrete strength. If the heat of hydration is high, the concrete body can get cracks and the corroded steel bars could lead to the loss of strength and stability. Silica is also used for preventing concrete from these damages. In order to have strong concrete, it is necessary to reduce the volume of water by mixing but the reduction of the adding water causes low fluidity and workability of the mixed concrete. By adding Silica cement grains shall be equally surrounded by round Silica (SiO2) grains which work just like ball-bearings. Silica enables mixed concrete to get flexibility and workability dramatically even if you do not give extra water.

Silica is completely different product with the combination of all the required quality for the best architecture structure. It is easy to handle and the finished concrete constructions can not compare it is a rare natural volcano product only produced in Japan.