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Engineering Properties

1. Improved Compressive Strength:
Because of the fineness of Silica Cement Admixture it fills the voids between the cement particles (Micro filler Effect) along with the pozzolanic reaction thus increases the compressive strength of the concrete.

2. Water Resistance (Water Proofing):     
Addition of Silica Cement Admixture brings about the pozzolanic reaction, which reduces the pore size hence resulting in the dense microstructure of the concrete thus enhancing the water resistant property of concrete.

3. Resistance against salt water and chemicals:
Concrete with Silica Cement Admixture is highly durable to salt water and acids because of the modification in the microstructure brought upon by the reduction of the formation of calcium hydroxide by pozzolanic reaction. Because of the denser concrete it reduces the penetration of chloride ions and avoids corrosion of reinforcement steel.

4. Bleeding Prevention:
After the addition of water reaction starts actively in the earlier stage enabling the binding of the concrete, which absorbs excess water hence reduces bleeding.

5. Prevents Efflorescence:
With the mixing of the Silica Cement Admixture calcium hydroxide remains within the concrete thus helps reduction of efflorescence.

6. Prevention of Freezing and Thawing:
With appropriate mixing of Silica Cement Admixture in porous concrete it enables preventing freezing and thawing of moisture within the concrete.

7. Resistance to Segregation:
Silica Cement Admixture improves bonding and adhesion of the cement, sand and aggregates within the concrete hence resulting in better resistance to segregation.

8. Abrasion Resistant:
Silica Cement Admixture contains Sio2 hence using it as pavers prevents it from efflorescence. Also because of pozzolanic reaction denser concrete is formed which results in lesser erosion of concrete volume.

9. Longest Expire Period:
It is the product of Natural Volcanic Deposit therefore it has the longest period of expiree date.