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What is Silica Cement Admixture?

Silica Cement Admixture is the finely grinded materials that bonds the concrete tighter and enhances the strength, safety and durability of the concrete giving it high water resistance and other advantages.

History:  1985 Start of the study.
                1989 Start of the test.
                1990 Start of the sale.

General Infrmation( Physical and Chemical Properties):

Materials: Natural Volcanic Deposits.
Mineral Name: Volcanic glassy Cement Admixture clay
Crystal Type: Amorphous
Manufacturing process: Silica ores are first dried in a kiln then it is crushed to make fine powder
Main Ingredients: SiO2 above 85%
Material Characteristic: Amorphous
Particle size: 4 µm
Specific surface area by Blaine: 60,000 cm2/gm
Ph Value: 6.0 - 6.5
Specific Gravity: 2.5 gm/cm3
Chloride/Arsenic/Lead: Not Detected
Appearance: Tasteless, odorless
Grain density: 2.80 gm/cm3  
Solubility:Insoluble in water and organic solvent. Practically insoluble in acid and alkaline.

First aid treatment:

1)Eye : If it gets into eyes, rinse with clean water, Never rub(Rubbing may cause damage to eye ball).
2)Skin: Wash away with water or lukewarm water.
3)Ingestion: Wash mouth with water. It is not harmful if it is swallowed.
4)Fire safety: Nonflammable. No harmful gas shall be generated by fire.
5)Accidental spillage: Remove it after controlling dust with watering(Vacuum cleaning is recommended).

Operating and storing suggestions:

Operation: Prevent dust spreading
Storage: Avoid wet or humid area
Exposure control:

Control density: 2.90 mg/m3.
Storage facility: Dust collector is recommended to be installed.
Protection gear: Wear a dust mask depending on conditions.
Information on hazardous nature:

Stability: Stable against heat, light and shock.
Reactivity: Stable against acid, alkaline and organic solvent
Hazard and toxicity information: None
Harmful effect: None
Environment impact information: None
Disposal instruction:Take necessary measures to control dust or consult with industrial  Disposer.