I am pleased to introduce our product “Silica Cement Admixture” in Nepal through our representative Marron Trading Pvt. Ltd.

“Silica Cement Admixture” has exceptional characteristics to make concrete strong and durable. Every problem of concrete structure such as crack degradation by alkalinity and damage by salt are always worries for Engineers, Designers and Architects around the world. To solve these problems we strongly recommend using “Silica Cement Admixture.”

This product has been registered in a list of New Technology by the Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism of Japanese government. This product is reliable and efficient in its application.

Our company’s mission is to co-operate Civil Engineers, Designers and Architects to build better concrete structures. We will be happy and eager to hear when our product helps you to maintain high quality.
I believe that this “Silica Cement Admixture” will be very useful and helpful to Nepal’s civil construction sector. Nepal and Japan are having very friendly relationship for long time. At the end of my message I wish for your prosperous construction future and development.

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Namaskar and warm welcome to you all,

We are pleased to launch the official website of Silica Cement Admixture; represented by Marron Trading Pvt Ltd in Nepal. We have come up with the multifunctional product for the concrete structure in Nepal.

As requirement we need to build our infrastructure much stronger with high quality using the newest technology. It is the necessity of the hour we need to think seriously are our concrete structures we are constructing with quality and efficient way? We are here to assist you to make your dream come true with the new technology product called Silica Cement Admixture. This product deals with multiple aspect of concrete technology. By the proper (percent by weight of cement) use of Silica Cement Admixture in concrete you will be able address the issues like seepage, leakage, erosion, corrosion , high abrasion, efflorescence  and many more that you faced in your buildings, hydropower project  ,Water tank ,tunnel, swimming pool , parkway, irrigation and other infrastructure. This product has been approved as newest technology by the ministry of Land and Infrastructure transport of the Japanese Government. It has proved its efficiency and quality in Japan. Silica cement admixture gives concrete strength,  durability, water resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, salty wind resistance, reduce heat of  hydration on the mass concrete; It also neutralize the alkali content of the cement.

I am assured with the launch of the official website of Silica Cement Admixture you will able to find out the advantage of this product. Your valuable suggestions, experience and feedback  are highly appreciated.